Huawei Wuhan Research and Development Campus

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Huawei Wuhan Research and Development Campus

Developed for Huawei, the largest China-based networking and telecommunications supplier, this project is a signature study in the design of research and development facilities in a natural, sustainable environment.

Integrated into the natural topography and landscape of the site, the design’s central valley blurs the edges between the built and natural environments.

Peter Schubert, Design Partner

Eight research buildings are arranged in narrow linear bars – a repetitive design that creates a strong unifying visual identity, defines the edges of the campus’s central valley, and maximizes access to light, air, and landscape views from every workstation throughout the campus.  

1326 Huawei Wuhan Site
1326 Huawei 5
1326 Huawei 13

Research buildings are conceived as a simple collection of modular parts, allowing flexible redistribution of departments and project teams as needed throughout the campus. The orthogonal composition of program elements – offices, laboratories, a data center and civic plaza – enhances the sustainable performance and technical aspects of the plan.

The design follows the topography of the area, and creates a central valley as a pedestrian-only spine, with automobile traffic removed to the site’s perimeter.

The central landscape – a linear park space and water feature –  connects various programs and encourages the productive collisions crucial to the development of a well-functioning research environment.

1326 Huawei 17
1326 Huawei 22
1326 Huawei 6
1326 Huawei 24


Wuhan, China
5,658,738 GSF
Offices, Laboratories, Data Centers, Employee Amenities


Ennead Design Team
Peter Schubert, Kevin McClurkan, Andrew Burdick, Jing Lu, Steven Peppas, Lynn Zhang, Michael Spitaleri, Stephanie Tung, Jeffrey Yao, Dayo Adeyemi, Kristen Alexander, Margarita Calero, Magdalena Checo, Eugene Colberg, Brad Groff, Regina Jiang, Wanlika Kaewkamchand, Jazzy Li, Kyung Il Min, Nikita Payusov, James Rhee, Lynette Salas, Lanxi Sun, Charles Wolf, Ge Yu
Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd., China Southern Architectural & Design Institute


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