Jing’An Innovation Galaxy International Cultural and Creative Park

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Jing’An Innovation Galaxy International Cultural and Creative Park

As cities continue to grow and evolve, the adaption and reactivation of existing structures is one of the most “green” approaches architects and designers can take, re-using the embodied energy and experiential histories of these sites and structures as part of our cities’ futures. This adaptive design for the Wanrong Road factory complex creates an active environment in which entrepreneurs and businesses can learn, connect, and create.

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The project combines both existing structures and new buildings to support a variety of business typologies and scales. The goal is to create a district which can support a diversity of entrepreneurs, allowing new start-ups and established businesses to operate side-by-side, creating opportunities for interaction and symbiosis between a range of businesses.

This project creates a human-scaled, urban environment by combining both old and new structures within its pedestrian-friendly master plan. The project’s new buildings work with and create contrasts to the site’s existing factory structures. Together, the design’s old and new buildings create a holistic vision for an urban, entrepreneurial district, crucial to creating the kind of active, 24/7 place desired by twenty-first century businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

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The project’s first phase includes three scales or typologies of new structures. First, a larger “gateway” building creates a threshold and entry at the western edge of the site. This structure, with its larger floorplates, can support a variety of larger established companies, venture capitalist groups, and training facilities for the district.

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Second, a series of smaller office “village” structures line the edge of a new street through the site. These structures can support of variety of medium-scaled businesses and will house a number of established “star” designers’ ateliers.

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This project’s first phase also includes two new specialty structures. The first is known as the “Treehouse,” a small structure that can house both a restaurant facility and a specialty headquarters. The second specialty structure will house a flexible 280-seat black box theater and event space. Both structures are being designed by guest designers, adding a diversity of design voices to the project.

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In combination with the adaptive re-use of the Wanrong Road site’s existing factory structures, these new structures will create an active, entrepreneurial environment , utilizing a piece of Shanghai’s history to enrich the city’s entrepreneurial future.


2019 (Phase 1)
298,160 GSF
Theater, Office, Retail, Food & Beverage


Ennead Design Team
Richard Olcott, Peter Schubert, Thomas Wong, Kevin McClurkan, Andrew Burdick, Wenny Hsu, Steven Peppas, David Yu, Jackie Zhou, Michael Spitaleri, Neil Yuan, Dia Biagioni, Laura Buck, Cheng Gong, Edward Kim, Lingxiao Xie, Xiaoyun Mao, Miya Ruan, Margaret Tyrpa
Master Plan and Adaptive Reuse
Studio Shanghai