Department of Homeless Services, Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH)

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Department of Homeless Services, Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH)

The expansive, welcoming and light-filled intake center for the NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS) gives physical form to the City’s progressive and innovative approach to overcoming homelessness: prevention, client service, permanence and accountability.

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We created an accessible, secure, dignified and private environment that responds inventively to the city’s progressive and innovative approach to tackling homelessness.

Todd Schliemann, Design Partner
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The design for this safe haven promotes physical and psychological comfort by choreographing a spatial sequence that supports a non-threatening, orderly and dignified evaluation and assistance process. Throughout the building, large, west-facing spaces with abundant natural light provide open administrative work areas for staff, client waiting areas and client interview rooms.

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The building is located in an urbanistically and architecturally diverse area of the Bronx. Formally and texturally, the consistent use of materials relates to the building’s two distinct contexts and characterizes the skin of the building: terra cotta references the brick of residential buildings; zinc and metal trim tracery evoke an industrial aesthetic consistent with the nearby manufacturing district; and glass reinforces the goals of visibility and transparency.

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The building’s program is organized into two distinct parts. The first floor and concourse are the more public and active, accommodating intake and screening in a series of open and spacious rooms that are both physically and visually accessible. Other functions on the lower floors include a medical suite, security, personal item storage, a variety of social services and mechanical spaces. 

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Open administrative work areas for staff, client waiting areas, and client meeting/interview rooms occupy a series of large, loft-like, daylit spaces on the upper floors.


Bronx, NY
76,820 GSF
Administrative Offices, Medical Suites, Security Offices, Food Service, Waiting/Reception Areas


Design Partner
Todd Schliemann
Management Partner
Timothy Hartung
Project Designer
Jack Phillips
Project Manager
V. Guy Maxwell
Project Architect
Steven Chang
Charmian Place
Design Team
Gary Anderson, Carlyle Fraser, Anthony Guaraldo, Zubair Kazi, Ryan Meeks, Todd Van Varick


  • 2012
    • Award of Merit, Society of American Registered Architects/New York Council
    • Construction Management Association of America Project of the Year Award
  • 2007
    • Award for Excellence in Design, The Art Commission of the City of New York


  • 2019
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Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Aislinn Weidele/Ennead Architects