The Public Theater Annex

AW Public 9370

The Public Theater Annex

Extending The Public Theater’s downtown home and lively street presence, Ennead’s renovation of two stories of a historic facility directly across the street from the Joseph Papp Theater provides The Public with additional rehearsal space, breakout collaboration areas, and support space.

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Over the course of 31 years, Ennead has been working with The Public Theater to revitalize its identity, rendering a welcoming, vibrant, and accessible destination that blends old and new. The new Annex, directly across the street from The Public’s main building, quietly reinforces their presence in the community.

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2021 05 07 440 Lafayette Lobby Completed with Graphics
2021 05 07 440 Lafayette Lobby 2 Completed with Graphics

The revitalizations’ sensitive blend of modern and historic elements reflects both the traditional and experimental nature of the acclaimed theatrical work for which this important landmark is known, making the building more vibrant and accessible for all New Yorkers.

AW Public 9370

The lobby space that serves as the welcome to the Rehearsal Annex features The Public’s trademark graphic identity cut into the bamboo cladding that wraps around the rehearsal studios.

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The Rehearsal Annex provides five rehearsal halls, two support studios, breakout lounges, offices, conference rooms and changing rooms. Each floor of the Rehearsal Annex is anchored by a central breakout lounge that promotes the creative interaction that is core to the Public’s mission.

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While only occupying 22,000 GSF on two levels, each of the rehearsal halls and support studios have full audio and video capabilities for theatrical rehearsals and are acoustically isolated to enable simultaneous use.

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The two floors of rehearsal space were artfully designed around a range of column-free spaces that connect to central interior “living rooms” and are joined by an open stair. In contrast to the loft like volume, small seating niches are inset into the bamboo to facilitate small gatherings or quiet contemplation.


New York, NY
22,000 GSF
Rehearsal halls, support studios, breakout space, lounge, green rooms, office, conference space, restrooms, lockers


Ennead Design Team
Stephen PD Chu, Francelle Lim, Suzanne Troiano, Molly McGowan, Melanie Weismiller, John Jordan
Aislinn Weidele