Design Underway for UC Santa Cruz Interdisciplinary Instruction and Research Building

Ennead 2001 UC Santa Cruz Thimann 81 Project Team 0001 webview

Ennead has begun the design process for a new building at UC Santa Cruz. This building, referred to as the Interdisciplinary Instruction and Research Building (IIRB), will house state-of-the-art laboratories for undergraduate instruction in biology, chemistry, and physics.

During the recently completed pre-design phase, Ennead focused on campus engagement, and programming and visioning work. As we move into the design phase, our team will continue to work with building users and campus stakeholders to ensure that the new IIRB will best serve the UCSC campus community

The IIRB is being designed to be approachable, accessible, comfortable, and welcoming to the entire student body. The building and site design will encourage collaboration and academic success, with attention to those not equitably represented in the sciences.

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