Ennead Partner Peter Schubert's Article "Urban Pockets: Creating Big City Feel In Smaller Places" shared in BisNow

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Ennead Partner, Peter Schubert, authored an article shared by BisNow titled "Urban Pockets: Creating Big City Feel In Smaller Places."

The idea is to create a place that doesn’t shut down at 5 p.m. or sit empty during the day. In short, it’s the 15-minute city concept that’s taken off in recent years – where you can work, shop, dine and have access to critical services, all within walking distance from your home.
Urban pockets can provide a path for smaller cities -- and even some suburban areas – to develop sustainably, encouraging more walking and public transit, and less reliance on cars. With so much interest in wellness and health, urban pockets can provide support for people are looking for healthier lifestyles and want to live in places that have access to the outdoors, light, and activity. Above all, urban pockets provide the face-to-face communication that continues to be crucial for civic life, dialogue, and innovation.

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