Taopu Smart City Recognized by Architizer's A+ Awards

Ennead 1433 Taopu 605 01 Final Ext Photo 0001

Taopu Smart City has been recognized by Architizer's A+ Awards. Now in its 12th season,  the program celebrates creative courage, and highlights the ability of architects to respond to the changing needs of clients, the growing climate crisis, and the rapid evolution of technology.

Located on the western edge of Shanghai, the design of Taopu Smart City actively engages its context and creates strong visual, pedestrian, and infrastructure connections. The overall design is inspired by calligraphic lines, with linear terraced landscapes, and the simple gesture of a ribbon. It develops a series of continuous building edges that enclose five public parks. These linear forms turn upwards to become elegant tall towers, creating a bold skyline. A network of indoor and outdoor spaces develops a fluid pedestrian experience to support a 24/7 mixed-use environment. Within the complex, a multi-level pedestrian network forges a symbiotic relationship between retail areas, park spaces, and streetscapes, seamlessly merging interior and exterior.