Omaha Performing Arts, Steelhouse Omaha

1843 exterior rev

Omaha Performing Arts, Steelhouse Omaha

As part of O-pa’s arts and entertainment campus expansion, this live music venue will provide flexible entertainment spaces and programming opportunities that embrace O-pa’s mission to enrich the community and support the evolving community needs.

1843 exterior rev

“Beginning with the Holland Center, it has been our great pleasure to work together with O-pa to create a campus that expresses the richness and breadth of their mission and share it with an even wider audience. Steelhouse Omaha, working in tandem with the Holland, will accommodate the future needs of touring performers, arts organizations and a new generation of audiences.”

Stephen P-D Chu, Principal
1843 Exterior Gateway Event Hall C01 Crop

In keeping with O-pa’s vision to create a destination that engages and inspires, Steelhouse Omaha is designed to increase accessibility and encourage exploration.

The building’s striking use of exterior steel cladding draws inspiration from the area’s industrial past while infusing it with a welcoming and forward-looking vitality that establishes Steelhouse Omaha as a home for performance and a new generation of visitors.

As part of a larger campus expansion and master plan strategy, the new venue is strategically sited along a main arterial to compliment The Holland Performing Arts Center and connect the city’s revitalized riverfront to growing developments in downtown Omaha.

1843 Site Plan2

The iconic building design emphasizes flexibility to accommodate the differing needs of touring performers and arts organizations, as well as future users. The unique performance space will also provide local artists and organizations the opportunity to present new and innovative programs in non-traditional layouts.

1843 C05

Featuring a performance hall with standing room occupancy of 1,500 to 3,000, the new venue will offer multiple amenities, including a lounge and terrace, outdoor courtyard, and lobby for simultaneous use and programming.


Omaha, NE
103,200 GSF
3,000-person live music venue, lounge, terrace, courtyard, lobby


Ennead Design Team
Stephen PD Chu, Timothy Hartung, Molly McGowan, Francelle Lim, Gary Anderson, Peter Broughton, Eileen Dirks, Alfonso Gorini, Jennifer Heon, Edward Kim, Cameron Livdahl, Marcus Miller, David Monnar, Maayan Perez, Yong Roh, Trevor Hollyn Taub, Suzanne Troiano, Charles Wolf
Holland Basham Architects